Primus Atle Stove

This classic 2 burner stove feeds the family (and even the extended family) with ease. A robust campsite workhorse that easily holds heavy pots with stew for the group, while offering enough room for a frying pan to fry up some eggs. Each burner lights up easily with the built in Piezo igniter and has a separate control knob to fine tune the flame. The burners offer a 3360W flame that can boil a liter of water in three minutes. In windy conditions, the side windscreens can be extended out to ensure a steady flame. When it is time to head home, the stove can be folded down and locked closed keeping any mess in the stove, not in your vehicle. Carry this camping stove anywhere with the integrated handle: to the boat, summer house, or nearby park. Connects to a refillable propane cylinder (with M14x1.5-connections) with the additional hose and regulator that are included. Can't be used together with Primus Power Gas, Winter Gas or Summer Gas.
Size One Size
Color Red